Instead of your usual “About” page, we have decided to do an interview with Barry Murphy, the brains (or otherwise!) behind Real Global Democracy.  

Barry, why did you set up

barryBarry: For two main reasons. The first is that I believe, what we know as a democracy today, is a million miles away from what we think as real democracy, and we need to get the real power back into the hands of the majority of people and not the minority, as it is now. I believe in the human race, and that the majority of people will always make the right decisions when given the opportunity.

The second reason is that we are wasting massive global resources trying to protect and outdo each other as countries, using trade taxes, weapons and simple money, and forgetting that we are all fellow human beings of the Planet Earth. I don’t want this to seem or sound like a left wing movement, because it’s simply not. I am completely for and pro business, but with a sense of equality and justice.

What do you expect to achieve with this website?

The first and most important task is to show lots of examples of the difference between how the few are influencing the world, compared to how the many could do this, and in the simplest way possible, so that anyone can understand it.

One of the big problems we have today is that economic and political reports are all very longwinded and using fancy words that few can understand. Most information can and should be transmitted in a much simpler fashion.

The next task is to get as many ordinary people on to the site as possible, where they feel they can make a difference from very small local issues to large national and global issues, by being able to vote instantly from the comfort of their own home.

A free media is also crucial in any democracy, and let’s face it, there are many countries which claim to have a free media but in reality they don’t at all.

How would you describe your own political views?

My political views are irrelevant here. My main aim is to only provide a platform where common people with common simple sense feel they have power in making decisions that influence their own local community and further beyond. The bottom line for me is that communism has been tested and failed. Capitalism has and is being tried, has and is failing, and is often covered up as democracy. The truth is that Real Democracy has never ever been tried (with the exception of Switzerland, as far as I know, and with very positive results too).

How do you think those who are in control will react if your idea gains momentum and becomes very popular?

I am sure that they will try to control us with different measures, by blocking internet access to our website, amongst other things, just like the Chinese government block Facebook, but that is no reason whatsoever not to keep going, and eventually the power will be in the hands of the people.

Look, there are many different obstacles to anything you try to change, but if we can collectively put together a system that works much better for the majority of people, let’s get on with it and cross all the bridges together as we come across them!

This may seem like a cynical question Barry, but what is in it for you?

This is a very good question and here are a few examples why, but you will find many more by reading the content of this website.

I have travelled more than most people ever would in a lifetime to many corners of the world and I have experienced first hand the effects of misused power on citizens of the world.

  • It pisses me off that so many governments are governing on topics that are personal to individuals, and are no business of any government. 
  • It pisses me off that so many governments and bureaucrats stand in the way of people trying to get ahead in life.
  • It pisses me off that so many governments rob their own citizens or citizens of other countries through corruption and self interest legislation.
  • It pisses me off that most people in society feel that they don’t have a voice and are just “robots” in a system, and I can see huge benefits for all if they did have a real voice.
  • It pisses me off that 5% of the world’s population can tell the rest of the world where they can and can’t travel to on this planet, and the same 5% can travel to any country they like, by and large.

The most important reason is that I want to leave this world a better more fair, just society for the benefit of my children and grandchildren, or at least try too.

What are your main concerns for the world we live in now and going forward?

Okay, in brief, but I would first like to mention that there are solutions to all problems, and the solutions are much more interesting for me once the problems have been identified and prioritised.

barry2Here are a few thoughts:

There is seven billion people living on the planet. With new technology we probably only need one billion to work, and even that figure will decrease rapidly in time. What do we do with the “excess” six billion? Shoot them, or simply let them starve to death? Share the workload so that everyone is working no more than, say, five hours per week? Or support them to do nothing? These are the only three choices. It is that simple. If we decide to support them, to what level will we support them?

We should never disencourage business or innovation, but we could compromise between extreme capitalism and communism. 85 individual multi-billionaires in the world have the same wealth as the 50% or 3.5 billion poorest. However, we shouldn’t blame the billionaires, but supposing we put a cap on any individual’s wealth of €10 million… who or why would any individual need more than this amount of wealth. This would possibly give those who wanted a better lifestyle the opportunity to work for it, and at the same time make sure that each child in the world had adequate food, medical care, housing and education. 

The problem I see, in my humble opinion, with left wing politics is that their policies are simply not credible, and they are always exaggerating facts and coming up with all types of policies that will never work and go against human nature. At the same time, the only reason that there is any room for left wing politics is because the right wing politics is so inadequate and corrupt at the other end.

The bottom line is that some people by nature are more ambitious and others are not. There is nothing wrong with either, and we need to create a world where both can achieve their lifestyle within reason, and not at a huge cost to the other.

This is just one opinion I have from my own observations travelling the world. I don’t expect anyone to agree with me, but if a majority did vote for some type of legislation that would encourage this direction for the future, it might not be a bad thing, and if they decided not to vote for such legislation, then let’s move on to the next topic or come up with another alternative.

The most important thing is that the people have the power and they can feel that they are making a difference at all levels and on many different topics.

Why do you feel that there is no true democracy in the world at the moment, with the exception of Switzerland?

Think about it. In most western countries people have a vote, but they either vote Labour or Conservative in the UK, so-called Democrat or Republican in the USA. On top of that they have no vote on most decisions for another 4 or 5 years. How could you possibly call that democracy? It’s short-term dictatorships, with only two real choices. Whichever party is elected, they then insist on all elected members voting with the government, regardless of their own opinions, and if not they are kicked out of the party.

To some small extent, Cameron in the UK has to be respected, given the fact that he gave a free parliamentary vote on sending troops to Syria, he held the Scottish referendum, and is letting the people decide whether to stay in the EU or not. This is still a long way from what I would describe as a real democracy, but he for sure took more steps than most others.

Okay Barry, let’s leave it there for now. Last word to you.

There are very big issues in the way of mankind living and progressing in peace, but the solutions might very well be a lot more simple than we ever thought. We will open up the discussions on this website, and interview specialists to debate the topics, and at the end of the day I’m not too sure that the majority of the world would vote to spend €1.7 trillion on weapons to point or use against each other, instead of feeding and nurturing our short lifestyle on this planet, given a free and open media and voting system.

Let the ordinary people speak the loudest.