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In the words of Barry Murphy:

Egotistical leaders who control the media and who are wolves in sheep's clothing, as well as simply being mouth pieces for major corporations, are destroying our planet and its people.

There is a possible solution to a situation which can stop large banking corporations and the stock markets as we know them control the world we all live in.

The solution has been made possible with new IT innovations.

This road has problems that need to be dealt with one by one, but in my opinion it is well worth investigating properly, given the fact that we are spending billions of dollars per year creating weapons to point at, or use against, each other.

A large percentage of the population are living in extreme poverty, and a small percentage of the population have most of the global wealth of the world.

I am a very proactive business person but believe in a sense of justice, dignity and equal opportunity for *all* citizens of the globe above all else.

There is a common sense balance to all the above - let's find it together.